Getting Started

Here’s what you need to know to get started

Seasoned sports bettor? Never made a wager before? No idea what all the numbers mean? No worries because that’s where we come in. We pride ourselves on complete customer service and not just giving you games to wager on. We assist you in every aspect right from establishing a sports book account to withdrawing your winnings and everything in between. The majority of our Clients knew very little about the sports market before dealing with us but they all had one thing in common… the willingness to take chances in life and the desire to make money.

Opening a Sports Book Account

If you don’t already have an opened account with a sports book we recommend establishing one by clicking the links at the bottom of our home page. Opening the account is simple to do but if you need assistance we will be happy to oblige. Of course you can use any sports book you choose but we recommend these companies because of their solid reputations when it comes to their lines, new customer bonuses, mobile apps, fast and worry-free payouts and the size of their customer base. The initial deposit you can make ranges from $500 – $2000 and it’s your decision what amount you start with. You’re welcome to research these companies on the internet to find out more before making a decision on which sports book you want to use.

Placing Wagers on the Plays We Give

Once your sports book account has been established and we have had the pleasure of speaking with you directly to confirm your suitability to partake in this type of venture, we here at NS Sports go to work for you! When we identify an “edge” in a sporting match- up that tips the scales in our favour by wagering on a particular team, we let you know that we have a game worthy of wagering on.

We don’t send you out an email or spam text you… we call you directly or send you out a personal text message to ensure you’re able to make a wager on that day.

If you are, then we give you the game and tell you the amount to wager based on bankroll size and strength of the play. We do not accept wagers or place them on your behalf at any time. It is our responsibility to identify the game to wager on and your responsibility to actually make the wager. We do not have games every day like all other handicapping services. We believe that choosing your spots carefully is far more important than giving you 2 or 3 games every single day. We will have days with no plays and days with up to 5 plays depending on the sport and situational match ups. Whenever we do have a play for you we are there to make sure you get it and assist you in placing it correctly if need be.

Our Fees

There’s one thing that separates us from all other sports handicapping services and that’s our fee structure. Until you’ve actually made money with us by following our advice there are no fees! We don’t charge you upfront for our plays. We give you our plays as we come up with them, you wager on them, you win or lose with them and we make nothing until you have realized a sizeable profit from our hard work. At that point you make the decision whether to begin paying for our services and we continue working together or you can decide to call it quits, simply keep your winnings and we all part as friends with no hard feelings. The fees are not set in stone and are individually tailored to each of our clients based on bankroll size, size of their wagers, wagering frequency and risk tolerance.

There are 2 main structures when it comes to our fees: Monthly Membership Fee & Commission on Profits. With the Membership you pay a flat amount per month and receive all the plays we have for the month. Most of our clients initially go with the Membership structured fee as they want to be able to keep the amount of money invested into this at a minimum, keep their wager size relatively small and build up a bigger bankroll before stepping things up and moving to the Commission on Profits structure.

The Monthly Fee and Commission rate are agreed upon by you and your personal consultant. Again, it varies significantly between clients but rest assured we will certainly find the right fit for you. We will not even discuss “fees” until we’ve made you an impressive profit!

The “Cons” of Sports Investing

There’s ultimately just 1 major con when it comes to investing in the Sports Market, just as there is with the Stock Market… YOU CAN LOSE EVERY DOLLAR YOU PUT INTO IT! We are not going to insult your intelligence and tell you otherwise. If you cannot accept this fact and if that worst case scenario (losing what you put into this) would change your lifestyle in any way, shape or form then stop reading, close the page and we wish you all the best. If you have your finances in order, can accept the risk and take chances in life to get ahead then you should also know that we do not guarantee you a profit and no one in this business should. Past results do not ensure future results. We have had (and will have) losing days, losing weeks and losing months. What we don’t have is losing years. We treat this as a marathon and not a sprint. Slow and steady, wagering with your head and not your heart, emotionless decision making and proper money management are without a doubt the only way to successfully invest in the Sports Market.

There is a 2ND CON…. Eventually, you’re going to have to pay us. We will not work for free forever.

The “Pros” of Sports Investing

Huge Profit Potential

You can make a lot of money at this. Our system we implement for your account may not be glamorous and you may not make a ton of money in a weekend or even in a week but over months and over the course of a year you will be very surprised at what you can make. Clients with us have seen their bankrolls grow from $1500 to over $60,000 within a year, but in all fairness we have had clients lose their stake of $1500 during a bad week or two as well.

You’re in Control

We do not handle the finances and it’s your account,  your money and ultimately your decision. If we give you a game you want to wager more on, less on or not at all can you certainly do those. We would certainly fair better for you if you follow our strategies but you’re not under contract. If you want to take a withdrawal from your account at any time you can do so without our approval. Not so with other investments you make. You have a broker, advisor or banker to deal with as you’ve sent them your funds and they are ultimately in control of them.

It’s Fun

Whether you love, hate or don’t know anything about sports is irrelevant. You don’t need to watch or follow sports to make money wagering on them. We have clients that to this day don’t know what a first down in football is and have never watched a sporting event in their lives and probably never will. We also have clients that text with their consultants throughout the games their watching. No matter how you feel about sports you can’t argue the fact that winning a wager is fun.